Friday, February 29, 2008

Beautiful Bracelets I'll Never Wear

This is a sore subject for me, but I'm too tired to finish up my immigration post about a xenophobic crusader. Instead, I want to show you some lovely bracelets that would make a great gift for any woman. The bracelets are at a new glass shop on Beford Street called Artistic Hand Blown Glass.

The store, obviously, is full of glass. There are all sort of huge expensive statues, funky little animals, and 100 $ salt and pepper shakers (adorable, unusual shapes), but the best bang for your buck are the $ 80 bracelets.

We looked at these before Christmas, but tragically, even the smallest size was too big for my wrist. I really, really wanted the clear bracelet. I don't even like talking about this. So, goodbye.


Anonymous said...

I miss the cheery and ebullient Stamford Talk. Come back soon!

-Mr. Z

Julie said...

These are awesome - I didn't see them in there when Kevin and I went though. Might have to go back.....