Friday, March 14, 2008

Stamford Mall Robbery Times Two

Geez. I didn’t write about Monday's stabbing at the Stamford Mall (aka Stamford Town Center), and as if to make sure it got proper attention, the mall was the site of a robbery Wednesday.
The second attack was actually outside the mall, in a “glass enclosure that leads to the Stamford Town Center parking garage.” I stupidly don’t know for sure where Veteran’s Park is; I thought it was right near the Avon Theatre, but the article says the robbery occurred off Veteran’s Park and Atlantic. I googlemapped it, googleimaged it, nothing. I hope someone can tell me where exactly the robbery occurred so I can put it on my mental map of Stamford crime.

Both victims were teens, and both were attacked by four men. The first was stabbed when he resisted a robbery in a mall bathroom, and the second was robbed at knifepoint. The police did catch one of the four suspects, who turned out to be 17. I’m not a teen, so I hope I’m safe, but still.

The first attack was inside the mall, right outside Saks. I mentioned the first robbery to a friend a couple days ago, and she said, “Oh, in the stairway outside Saks that leads to the street? Yeah I always see a bunch of high school hooligans there doing high school hooligan things.” However, the article seems to indicate the robbery was indoors, on the fifth floor, and not in some sort of outside entrance.

Dammit Stamford! Part of me is annoyed that you are dangerous, and thinks, Maybe I should sell my soul or firstborn child so I can live in Greenwich, but another part of me likes your excitement factor. That might sound sick, but I think it’s human nature.

Me to husband this morning: Hey, another person was robbed near the Stamford Mall.
Well, apparently your dream came true.
Me: What?
You were just saying last night that you wanted something like this.
Me: ...Oh yeah.
(I had said there was no good gossip in Stamford recently.)


JT said...

Veteran's Park is in the picture you posted. It's a brick plaza in front of Sacs with the Abe Lincoln statue and war memorial. Second only to McDonalds as the shady teen hangout in downtown Stamford.

Stamford Talk said...

I still can't picture it. That's not the glass enclosure right by the NYSC, is it? Right by the bus stop across from the Dunkin Donuts? Maybe I'm just in denial because that's so close to where I always park when I go to the mall...

Anonymous said...

Stamford Talk,
Yes, Veterans Park is the shady area by NYSC. I have a feeling it used to actually be a nice park, before it was cut off from sunlight and civilization by the Mallstrosity.

Anonymous said...

I work at a one of the Landmark Square buildings that overlooks Veterans Park. I have to agree it is one of the sketchier areas in Stamford. The passageway that connects the park to the parking garage of the mall is particularly shaddy and should be avoided if you're alone, even during the day time. Lately the police have increased their presence here, but gang violence persists. Rumor has it a teen was recently photgraphed from a distance in front of Dunkin Donuts by a security camera, and when the picture was zoomed in and analysed you could clearly see him holding a shank like knife. Not sure if this was connected to the recent stabbing, just passing along some gossip.